e-cloth = magic

Puget Sound clean window.jpg

We have arrived in our temporary housing and this is our view.  It’s so very PNW – grey skies full of rain, icy grey water we have spotted a few seals in, hills covered in pines. It is good to be home. And this view is amazing!  It’s so good, we’ve talked about the sacrifices it would take to move into this building permanently! It’s gorgeous.

I could look out these windows all day long, and that’s what I was just going to do until I noticed some hand-shaped smudges on what I was sure was the outside grime of the window.  The trouble is, we’re on the 2nd floor, and I suspect no hand has touched this window since the last window-washing, and then, there’d be no grime to disturb. So I touched the window and disturbed the grime a little too. It was pretty grimy.

There was no way I was going to let that much dirt hang out on a window with this kind of view, so I grabbed two of the e-cloths I stashed in our luggage, and fixed it!

e-cloths are made in the UK and claim to wipe away dirt, grease, and bacteria with water only because of the super-dense super high-quality microfiber they’re made of. For these windows, I soaked one of my e-cloths and wrung it out really well, and I left the other dry. I folded the damp e-cloth, washed the window thoroughly, eeewed at the grime on the cloth, refolded the damp one and made another pass, and then wiped it dry and streak-free. Check it out.

e-cloth magic.jpg

The bad news: that window was filthy!  And WHY was it so filthy? I’m not exactly a clean-freak (I think…), but WHEN were these windows washed last? Good grief!

The good news: these e-cloths are like magic! My yellow (dry) e-cloth didn’t pick up any dirt in the drying and polishing stage so the window got super clean! With just water! And also my excellent muscles!

e-cloths are such a good buy because you can use them with just water on every hard surface in every room of your house. Keep one in your kitchen for counters, cupboards, and appliances.  Keep another in your dining room for the table, chairs, and condiments. I save a few just for the bathroom sinks and toilets.  And not having to shop for, safely store, and then dig out and carry around a spray bottle or two for each of those jobs has really made me feel like I’m sticking it to the man! No sir, I will not pay money for your beautifully packaged poison!

Bremerton natural cleaning.jpg

So, if you or someone in your family has chemical sensitivities, or you’re a new mom who’s thinking about how to keep your baby safe from all the things under your sink, ask me about e-cloths! If you hire me to come help you out as you recover from childbirth, I’ll bring my e-cloths along and show you the super results you can get with them! You’ll have enough to keep you busy with the baby – let’s keep cleaning simple, too!