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How I practiced self-care (as a mom and a doula) to get through a really hard month

Instead, in sharing our stories, we can start to see and appreciate that these difficulties trip all kinds of moms up, whether you’re a new mom or experienced mom, whether you have plenty of help or are kind of on your own. Stories can help us cope with the stress and manage our expectations, and in sharing mine, I hope you won’t feel so alone in your experience.

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Meet the Expert: the Sleep Consultant Edition

It’s crazy because even with the amount of resources and information out there, parents still feel like they’re winging it! And I was the same way! I took a sleep class, I took a breastfeeding class, and I did all these things, but when you actually have the baby, it’s different! And so I feel like when I had her, I didn’t really know what to do. Nobody was telling me or helping me through this.

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