A Virtual Coffee Date

Hello fellow mother! You're reaching out and that is a huge first step to feeling better! If you're feeling flustered, overwhelmed, bewildered, stressed out, and exhausted, this chat's for you!


There were so many days early in my motherhood journey where even reaching out to someone seemed like too much work. But once I did, I just felt better.  An outside perspective reassuring me that, yes, my situation sounded stressful, and yes, I had good reason to feel this tired, helped me get a better view of my stress-points and a clearer look at possible solutions! 

My hope for you is that once we've had a chance to talk through your experience and maybe work out a few concrete things you can do to start actually enjoying your postpartum period, you will feel like a weight has lifted off your shoulders and be reassured that you are in fact a great mom! 

If you're ready to trade in that overwhelm and hear that you're doing a great job, you are in the right place! Let's make a coffee date! Before we chat, would you please tell me a bit about yourself and where you are in your motherhood journey? This will help us clarify your most pressing issues to prepare for our conversation. Then, once you've submitted the form, keep an eye on your email and we'll make it a date. 

And thanks so much for sharing your motherhood journey with me! I look forward to hearing your story and helping you ease that weight off your shoulders!


Just a few questions to get us started:

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What are the top 2 motherhood things you want to talk out or get help with?