You’re mostly ready!

Your hospital bag is mostly packed. …Or at least, you’ve got a list of all the things that need to go into the bag (even if it is only in your head right now…)

The baby’s room is pretty much done. It doesn’t really matter anyway since the baby’s not going to sleep in there for the first few weeks anyway, right? I mean, that’s what everyone’s been telling you…

Maybe you’ve taken a Childbirth Education class and are as prepared as you can be for your baby’s birthday, even as you try not to hold on too tightly to your idea of a perfect birth experience. You understand that this whole childbirth thing can be a bit unpredictable once it really gets rolling!

But mostly, you’re ready to just not be pregnant anymore. To be able to go more than an hour without a bathroom break, to eat a decent meal without the constant heartburn, and to go back to sleeping without the precise arrangement of 5 different pillows and a baby leaning on your bladder. Again.

But you’re not really clear on what’s going to happen in the week after you have the baby. You’ll come home… and then what? Have a nap, probably? Feed the baby when she cries or change his diaper when he’s fussy? Try to sleep when the baby sleeps… or get someone to come over so you can nap if you’ve been up all night?

But everyone keeps telling you you’ll probably be fine. You’re not totally clueless and you have some support. Your family is not that far away, and you’ll probably figure it out… right?

Fourth trimester bliss

Imagine if you could go into your fourth trimester feeling totally prepared and actually enjoying all the sweet moments you’re looking forward to!

After all, what you’re really ready for is to finally meet the tiny little baby who will make you a mom! And to watch your partner’s face when they meet for the first time!

You’ll finally get to see your baby’s sweet face, and breathe in that sweet newborn smell, and enjoy all the newborn snuggles you’ve earned through the last nine months!

Imagine feeling so confident as a new mom that when you get home, you know exactly what to do. You understand how to make sure your baby is well-fed and comfortable, what to do when he’s fussy and cries, and how to make sure you both get the rest you need. And you’ve got clear expectations for your own recovery, the emotional journey you’re about to go on, and the people you can call if anything isn’t working quite right.

It won’t even matter if the baby wakes up every night or if there are diaper blow-outs or if you get spit up on. Again. You’ll take it and be grateful because your baby is finally home, and you know you’ve totally got this.

Making the final preparations…

My name is Patricia and as a Postpartum Doula, I help families who are starting to worry that they might need just a little more support and preparation as they get ready to bring a baby home! You get the practical information you need to take care of yourself and your baby in the early weeks, plus the personal support you need to tackle your biggest worries about life after having a baby! All without any overwhelm, judgment, or mom-guilt!

With Ready for Baby!, you can step into your fourth trimester with confidence and ease because you will have clear expectations for yourself and your baby, and you will know how to meet both of your needs.

In this online workshop you will learn everything you need to know as a new mom:

  • the supplies you need to support your recovery and how to heal from childbirth

  • how to soothe, settle, and care for a newborn

  • how to get started (and keep going!) with breastfeeding

  • how much sleep you can realistically expect for yourself and your baby (and how to get as much as possible!)

  • the basics of handy baby gear like swaddles, baby carriers, cloth diapers, and car seats 

And while you work through each section of the workshop over the course of four weeks, we also have weekly video Q&As for additional questions and feedback, something you will find especially reassuring if you've already got your newborn home with you! 

Workshop details:

Ready for Baby! is currently on hold for my maternity leave, but sign up for the waitlist below to be the first to hear when the workshop will re-open (likely fall, 2019!)

The workshop is entirely online and covers topics spread through the following 5 modules:

* Week 1 - Taking Care of Yourself: learn about how your body recovers from pregnancy and childbirth in the first few weeks, and what you can do to take care of your emotional wellness as you enter motherhood

* Week 2 - Taking Care of Your baby: get a clear picture of how your baby adjusts to life on the outside in the earliest days, how to support strong bonding, whether or not to follow a routine, and how to soothe and read your baby’s cues

* Week 3 - Feeding Baby: with a focus on breastfeeding basics, encouraging a good latch, supporting and protecting your milk supply, and setting expectations for feeding habits in the first few months

* Week 4 - Baby Sleep: consider your sleep needs and expectations with a newborn and learn the important sleep safety information that will let you rest easy - where baby should sleep, what a typical sleep rhythm is in newborns and infants, and how to get as much rest as possible!

* Bonus Module - Baby Gear: take a look at the variety of baby carriers, cloth diapers, and other essential baby supplies you need (and what you can really do without!) in the early months with your baby

* Plus! Weekly group video chats for Q&A, plus anytime email/messaging throughout the course.

You can feel ready!

You don’t have to wing it or ‘learn as you go’ through the earliest weeks with your baby! You both deserve so much more! Ready for Baby! will get you ready for a confident fourth trimester you can actually enjoy!

Cost: $249 (incl. online materials, private FB Group for students, and 4 live chats with me!) 

To sign up for the waitlist:

  1. Let me know you’re interested by signing up below

  2. Check your email! Within 24 hours, you’ll get information about when the next workshop will run (likely in the fall, 2019!)

  3. Connect with me on Instagram to get the motherhood boost you need until the next round of the workshop!

I look forward to seeing you there!

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