Online Support

Pregnancy, childbirth, and the newborn stage are hugely emotional work. Of course, there are many professionals available to take care of your medical needs, but a doula can be a source of continuity, comfort, and empowerment, as well as providing valuable evidence-based information as you move through the different stages of becoming a mother. 

As your doula, we can conduct virtual Prenatal Visits, doctor's appointment debriefings, and regularly scheduled emotional check-ins before and after you have your baby. Maybe you just need to talk it all through. It is my job and my joy to listen, to help you process your emotions, to manage information overload, and to help you find your footing in motherhood, wherever you are!

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Virtual Postpartum Support

Four weeks of one-on-one postpartum support, with regular video chats and anytime messaging and email, tailor-made for you and your little one!

Ready for Baby!

A 4-week online course to prepare you for your physical and emotional recovery from childbirth, and help you feel calm, capable, and confident as you settle in with your newborn, all without the information overwhelm!



In-Home Doula Services

Growing, birthing, and nurturing a baby with your body is really hard work! It's hard on your body, it's an emotional and hormonal rollercoaster, and everyone in your house will need to time to adjust and get comfortable with a new set of routines and all the baby gear you've accumulated. Maybe you are determined to bounce back quickly and return to work or maybe you are looking forward to a long, comfortable, and contemplative recovery.

I can help you get the most out of your postpartum period with the services listed here.  Or pick and choose for a package perfectly suited to you, and we'll try to make it happen. Your needs are my priority!

In-Home Postpartum Doula services are available anywhere on the Kitsap Peninsula.

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Prenatal Visits

We can meet to work through any of these topics, or more! Childbirth or birth plan preparation, breastfeeding 101, emotional self-care and postpartum recovery, cloth diapering and baby carriers, or nesting and meal prep help. Whatever it takes to get you feeling ready and relaxed.

$50 / 90 minute visit

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In-home Care Packages

Packages run for several weeks and are fully customizable! Each in-home visit can involve any or all of the following: managing your physical recovery, talking through the emotional rollercoaster, figuring out newborn care together, and getting you some rest while I meal prep and do some light housekeeping. You decide.

Helper Package: 6 visits in the first 3 weeks (~24hrs) $450

Comforter Package: 8 visits in the first 4 weeks (~32hrs) $600

Babymoon Package: 12 visits in the first 6 weeks (~48 hours) $900

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Postpartum Concierge

In addition to an In-Home Package or as stand-alone hourly care, you might need help with taking time for yourself or getting specific help for your newborn, running errands or shopping, babysitting for older siblings, more thorough housekeeping, or regular meal prep or delivery.  I can help!

Helping Hand: One-time in-home visit to catch the new mom up on self-care, rest, food, and childbirth/postpartum emotional check-up, baby care station set-up, and preparation for the weeks ahead.  $100 / 3 hours

À la carte support:  $25 / hour

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