Comprehensive Support

Available beginning Fall, 2019

Postpartum doula services described below are suspended through the Spring and Summer of 2019 while I take time for my own sweet second baby! As we work out our own new version of normal and when we feel ready, enrollment for Ready for Baby and the more comprehensive 4-week Virtual Doula Care package will open up again.

Virtual Doula Support Calls to help you through an especially tricky early motherhood struggle can be booked through my Services page. Often, spending just an hour or two together can make a world of difference in your outlook and confidence during this vulnerable time so take a look at my calendar and see if we can’t find some time to meet!

And if your family is growing late in 2019 or in 2020, go ahead and sign up for Ready for Baby (to prepare for a better postpartum experience than just ‘winging it’!) or for a Virtual Doula Care package (for highly personalized and comprehensive support in the early weeks with your baby). I’ll make sure you’re the first to know when these services are back up and running so that you can have the fourth trimester care you deserve!


If you’re feeling super pregnant right now…

…you’ve already gotten lots of advice. So much advice. You kind of wish people would please just stop giving you unsolicited advice already.

You’ve got most of the things you think you’re going to need (just need to put the last of the furniture together, and wash one more batch of baby clothes, and pack your hospital bag…) and you’re starting to think you’re ready!

You’re wondering if there’s one more baby class you can squeeze in or maybe a workshop for new parents or something so you don’t have to go into this thing feeling like you’re winging it…

Then you’re looking for Ready for Baby! - an online workshop with four weeks of crucial childbirth recovery and newborn care topics plus weekly check-ins with me (a kind of do-it-together course!)

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If you’re feeling overwhelmed…

… I totally get it! Everyone has a story they are sure you need to hear, whether about their own childbirth or postpartum experience or someone else’s. Whether the story serves as a warning or an encouragement. They are sure you will appreciate hearing this one.

Plus you’ve got your doctor or midwife offering information that’s supposed to be informative but sometimes feels confusing, incomplete, or contradictory.

Everyone wants to be so helpful but it’s getting harder and harder to figure out just what is absolutely essential and what isn’t, how much of any of the information even applies to you and your baby, and most importantly, what it is that you even want to do!

I’ve been there! And I’ll help you find your way with Virtual Doula Care! We’ll start with four weeks of one-on-one support via video chats, instant messaging, and emailing, and go from there to help you find your footing and shut out all the external noise, wherever you are in your pregnancy, the newborn stage, or through your first year as a mother!

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