Nice to meet you!

Hello! My name is Patricia and I am a moderately crunchy mother and a Virtual Doula! My passion is serving families like yours as you get ready to welcome your baby home so that you can enter the fourth trimester of your pregnancy with confidence and ease!

“Enjoy every moment! Before you know it, they’ll be off to college!”

If your head is spinning from all the advice you’re getting about what to eat to get your labor started, or how to avoid spoiling your tiny newborn by not picking them up every time they cry, or the no-fail schedule you should implement right away to get your baby sleeping through the night, you’ve come to the right place. I know just how you’re feeling and I am here to give you permission to tune all that noise out!


My early-motherhood experience was not sunshine and rainbows

My husband and I moved from just outside Seattle, Washington to Japan just a few months before I had my first baby, and I had lots of time to read books, scour the Internet for the best advice, and lean on friends who’d been where I was headed (in Motherhood, I mean, not Japan!)

Except, instead of feeling like I knew what I was doing once my baby arrived, I felt like I was floundering, like half of the tips and tricks I’d accumulated didn’t apply to us, and the offer half didn’t even work!

Fast-forward a year, and I had the chance to attend an info-session on how to become a birth doula, and that’s where I saw that the work of a Postpartum Doula was a perfect fit for me!

I promptly enrolled in doula training with Childbirth International and soon after, through my postpartum doula training, I came to the realization that I had likely spent most of my first year as a mother suffering from postpartum burn-out and depression despite our excitement to become parents, the small but supportive community of expats all around us, and the mountains of information at my fingertips.

I really looked forward to your visits each time. You were a great companion, teacher, and counselor!
— Sunny S.

Your early motherhood experience can be so much better!

In the time I’ve spent with new moms since completing my doula training, I’ve come to realize that the overabundance of information and parenting advice from friends, family, and random strangers in real life and online is kind of making us crazy!

And while many of us have some good and supportive people around us, what we really need is for someone to check in with us more often, more regularly, and for more honest conversations about how it’s going, what is and isn’t working, and how our expectations during pregnancy are matching up with our postpartum realities.

Working together

Getting the support of a doula is kind of like having a best friend or favorite aunt take a few weeks off work to spend time with you in the earliest stages of your motherhood journey.

Whether you join my postpartum prep and newborn care workshop before you have your baby or we meet for several weeks afterward, my mission is the same: to help you figure out what kind of mother you want to be, and to help you get to know your baby so you can meet his or her needs. That’s all!

Of course I have lots information on hand about your baby’s diaper rash or cradle cap, or to help you troubleshoot your efforts to breastfeed, or even talk through whether a routine is more or less helpful for your baby at a certain stage, but we’ll always start with you as the mother. How are you feeling about things? What have you tried? What do you want to do but are nervous about? Where are your instincts leading? Who else has given you advice about this same thing lately? Did that help or hurt your confidence?

Baby in a Carrier.jpg

When we meet, we’ll sort it out together so that you can take another confident step in your motherhood journey without the noise of information overwhelm, sleep-deprivation induced indecision, or self-inflicted mom-guilt.

There are a million different ways to be a great mom. Let me help you find your way.


Get just a small sampling of the kind of support you’ll receive in the Ready for Baby! workshop and the Virtual Doula Care package by downloading my Postpartum Survival Handbook! It’s my gift to you and includes quick and simple information about 10 crucial postpartum recovery and newborn care issues you maybe don't want to ask about out loud yet. (think: childbirth recovery, breastfeeding basics, safe baby sleep, and cloth diapers, even!)


Want to know even more about working together?

Visit my Contact page to send me a note or find a time that works on my schedule below and let’s talk in the next few days!

I’d love hear from you!

You have been such an encouragement, a voice of reason, and compassionate listening ear.
— Rachael T.