Postpartum Doula Patricia
Postpartum Doula Patricia
No more mom-guilt; just confidence and peace

Ready for Baby?

No worries. I’ve got a special gift for you!

Grab my Postpartum Survival Handbook for a quick introduction to 10 crucial postpartum recovery and newborn care basics to ease your mind!


As you become a mother...


A doula serves and supports you in the entire year of your pregnancy and postpartum period, and can offer a sense of familiarity and continuity as you see a variety of care providers. 

As your doula, it is my job and my joy to help you process your emotions, provide helpful resources, and ease your burdens in each stage of early motherhood.

If you want more from your early parenting experience than to just ‘learn as you go’ and you’re ready to stop spending hours online researching every possible outcome, it’s time for us to meet!

Doula Support

For better rest, recovery, and bonding with your baby. 

Online support for you and your newborn through one-on-one virtual support during your earliest weeks at home. Get ready, get informed, get supported!

You have been such an encouragement, a voice of reason, and compassionate listening ear.
— Rachael T.
I really looked forward to your visits each time. You were a great companion, teacher, and counselor!
— Sunny S.

My Baby Blog

Reading and researching are just my thing. In my life before baby, I earned an MA in Linguistics and worked as a language teacher!  Now I support new moms and their babies while also marveling at my own baby. So, when I learn a new thing or find someone else's useful things, I like to share!  See what's been on my mind lately!