Virtual Doula Care

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You are not alone

If you're pregnant or have recently brought a newborn home, the odds are pretty good that you've been told, it takes a village to raise this baby! And you get it - you'll need some help, so you've got your doctor's contact information handy, you've talked to your partner about sharing baby duties, and maybe family is coming for a few days next week. You don't have a problem handing the baby off to a trusted friend for an hour or two so you can shower and nap. But if it is harder than you expected to actually ask for help, please understand: you are so not alone!

I could have used a doula!

My journey into motherhood started with all kinds of positivity. My pregnancy was fairly easy, and childbirth, while pretty terrible as these things go, was medically fine. And my mom arrived a few days later and stayed with us for 6 weeks! Six whole weeks! There seemed to be plenty of support in case I ever needed to talk to anyone, but by the time I realized I really needed to talk to someone, I also realized that what I wanted was more like a friend I could check in with every day, who wouldn't get sick of hearing about my sleepless baby, who I could talk to about my huge feelings, and who would have more to offer than just another mom's point of view, and I just didn't have that.

If your story sounds at all like mine, my Virtual Doula Care service is just for you!

Add a doula to your village

Who in your village will you turn to when the days are long and gloomy and you just don't get why people say motherhood is this beautiful, magical time? Can you trust your village with that? Of course you know you're not technically alone, but it sure can feel like a lot of work to find someone to sit down with and unload on.

Or even if it's been months since you've had the baby and you're still struggling to find your footing in motherhood, to settle into a new rhythm with your family, and to live into this new identity as a parent, can your village help you unpack all those feelings? It can feel like a lot to ask!

Calm, Confident, and Capable

Virtual Doula Care will fill that gap! We’ll make plans to meet for four weeks of online support in the form of regular video chats or phone calls, and anytime messaging and emails! Together, we can debrief your birth and motherhood experience, go over your appointments with doctors and other postpartum specialists, unpack the weight of your feelings about your daily life, and work toward solutions for self-care, baby care, and household management. 

We get tons of one-on-one time to really get to know each other and work through your biggest motherhood struggles, and I will always be in your corner, helping you problem-solve, and really cheering you on!

"You are a great companion, teacher, and counselor."

If you're pregnant and you've tried researching all the things on your own, you know there's plenty of free information out there, but it can be hard to piece it all together into a practical postpartum guide, let alone remember all the useful tips and where you found them once you're sleep deprived with a newborn who insists on sleeping only on you. 

And even if you've got supportive friends and family nearby, in the throes of life with a baby, trying to match schedules with a friend who will be able to really hear you out, offer practical support, and check in with you a few days later can be a huge challenge! 

As your Virtual Doula, I will hear you out, offer you anything from the abundant resources I have available for your biggest concerns, and do research you don't have time or energy for. When you're feeling scatterbrained, foggy, emotional, and uncertain, I'll help you decide where to spend your energy and how to work through our expectations, your emotions, and the baby care questions you're not sure you should even bring up.

Four weeks of virtual doula support can make a huge difference in your early mothering experience!

We could not have made it this far without you!”

”As a new mom, I was unsure of everything that I was doing to take care of the baby. I felt that your gentle affirmation and listening to your experience as a mom helped me to calm my nerves and refocus my energy and time on the things that really were more important.

You can actually enjoy your fourth trimester!

Your postpartum experience doesn’t have to be filled with anxiety, insecurity, and loneliness! Let me walk with you as you find your way into motherhood! Through our weekly video chats and frequent messaging, I will support all your efforts to be the kind of mom you want to be by helping you figure out your parenting style, which of your self-care and baby care preferences are flexible and which are non-negotiable, and even where to look for baby gear that might make your life a little easier. 

Let’s meet!

Now, it’s time to decide if you’re ready to get the support it will take to get the most out of your pregnancy and postpartum period!

The next step is to schedule a call so we can meet and see if we’re a good fit!

During our call, we will go over the specifics of how you can get four full weeks of Virtual Doula Care for $649!

**Students who complete the Ready for Baby! workshop save $100!**

I can really only offer this level of close personal support to a few new moms at a time so when we chat, we’ll make sure that this kind of virtual doula care is exactly what you need and want, and that we’re totally on the same page before we move forward!

You’ve come all this way! Let’s make a date!

Virtual Doula Care will resume in the Fall, 2019.

In the meantime, Virtual Doula Support Calls are available to get you through a particularly tricky early motherhood struggle you’re facing. Find out more here, or simply book a time to chat so that you can get the support you need and feel better with a fresh outlook on things!

Remember, self care is not selfish, and you were not meant to walk this road alone! Let me hang out in your corner and cheer you and your little one on! I'll help make your village just a little bigger and more supportive!