Virtual Doula Support

for Tired New Moms

When you’ve just had a baby, even if you did everything you could think of to prepare, you might still feel totally at the whim of your exhausted, uncertain, and overwhelmed emotions!  You’ve never been 100% responsible for a newborn before and it’s a LOT of pressure!

Some women find themselves in tears in the early weeks with their babies, wondering how much of this is normal and trying to convince themselves I can do this! But despite everyone’s advice and offers of support, you’re likely starting to realize this whole baby thing is going to be way more of everything than you ever expected!

These days are HARD


For starters, you’re skipping a lot more hair washing days than you anticipated! The days and nights are all blurring together, and not because of the beauty and wonder of these early days but because you feel stuck in the same 2 or 3 hour loop of feeding, diapering, and soothing your baby until they finally fall asleep again that repeats day and night with no regard at all for weekends.

You hardly remember the last time you ate a proper meal. You don’t know how long you’ve been wearing these PJs. And you’ve completely lost track of what needs doing or refilling or cleaning up around the house.

You knew this would be hard, but you’re starting to wonder if it’s supposed to be this hard. You feel like there must be something you could be doing better that would make this a little easier. That would help the baby sleep a little longer maybe? That might make breastfeeding less of a struggle? Some routine you could try out so you could get some time to take care of yourself? Some way to reconnect with your partner that didn’t involve passing the baby off and stumbling to bed for a nap?

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to get a little support and perspective in these hard times?

Imagine sitting down with someone who listens to your story and helps you to finally understand what’s going on with your baby. And coming away from that conversation with a plan to try to make the next few days go a little more smoothly! With your head above the water, you know you’re going to figure this parenting thing out. You can actually see the light at the end of the tunnel and know this won’t last forever.

You start to see that you’ll be fine, and so you’re able to let go of all the unhelpful advice and expectations from well-meaning friends and strangers. You no longer spend your time scrolling endlessly, looking for even more tips and tricks, and you don’t worry you’re going to mess up your baby anymore. You feel better and better about your skills as a mom. What a difference that would make!

And on top of all that, you have a plan to take time for yourself that you actually feel good about! The pressure has lifted and you finally have time to eat, to shower, to get outside for a walk, and do it all knowing it’s good for the baby and for your family.

My name is Patricia, and as a Postpartum Doula, I help new moms like you find your way through all the uncertainty and exhaustion of early motherhood. When you worry that you’re not doing it right, you won’t ever figure your baby out, and you’re slowly losing yourself in the process, I guide and support you so that you can feel confident and clear headed, to enjoy your early motherhood experience, and to be the kind of mom you want to be!

Time to get a little Virtual Doula Love!

A Virtual Support Call can be a huge boost for your day-to-day mothering experience, whether you’re wondering if you’re just stuck in the Baby Blues or something worse, or want to figure out how to get your fussy baby through a particularly rough patch, you don’t have to tough it out, and certainly not on your own! Here’s the difference a support call can make:  

  • Feel heard so that you can really process your experience and find some peace and validation. No judgment, no mom-guilt, no having to listen to someone else’s story for comparison!

  • Get a little reassurance and perspective about your baby and your experience so that you can start to understand and enjoy these early weeks together.

  • Talk through one major struggle you’re facing today and move forward with some solid strategies and resources to overcome it. No need to crowdsource friends, family, and the entire Internet for the help you so desperately need!

  • Wake up tomorrow free from the pressure to figure it all out on your own and with the comfort of knowing that you are finding your way!

Your Virtual Support Call

First things first: so you just had a baby! How are you really doing?

I can’t wait to get into your story and help you figure your baby out! So, to get started, you’ll fill out a questionnaire that will lay the groundwork for our support session a few days later. In the questionnaire, you’ll tell me a bit about yourself, your baby, and your motherhood experience, and what’s working and really not working so far. This way we can get right to the support you need when we meet!

Then, we meet for a full hour to chat about you and your sweet babe: let’s talk it out and get you the support you need!

Share as much of your story as you’d like! Childbirth, postpartum, newborn care, self-care - whatever’s on your mind! We’ll also figure out what your biggest struggle is today and do some problem solving to get you some practical relief. You’ll come away from our session with some things you can try right away, and the confidence of knowing you are a good mom who’s figuring things out!

(Plus, no need to shower, get dressed, tidy the house, or pack a diaper bag to meet either - this is the beauty of Virtual Doula Support! All the warm, comfy feelings of meeting with an experienced doula, but 100% low-key, come-as-you-are for you as a new mom!)

Follow up support and resources: if you’re too tired to remember what we talked about…

That’s totally normal and I don’t blame you one bit! That’s why you’ll get an email with a recap of our session, some further thoughts and reflections, the troubleshooting plans we made, all typed out, and some extra resources thrown in for you to look through when things settle down. I’ve got you covered!


Finally, we meet for a 30-minute catch-up: fast-forward one week - let’s reconnect!

How are you doing? How did it go? Let’s see if there’s anything else we can tweak before you ride off into the sunset in all your motherhood glory!

Listen, there are so many different ways to be a great mom without all the uncertainty and mom-guilt! Let’s find your way!

Your investment: $87

To get started:

STEP 1: Let’s make it a date! Get on my calendar and make your payment. Please book at least 3 days in advance so that we have time to lay the groundwork for our session with the questionnaire!

STEP 2: Within 12 hours, you’ll get an email from me confirming our date, and giving you directions for how to prepare for our virtual session

STEP 3: When the time for our call comes, meet me online (no, no, don’t get up!) and get the support and guidance you need so that you can finally enjoy this beautiful time in your life!


Email me here: - I’m happy to get you some answers!

You have been such an encouragement, a voice of reason, and compassionate, listening ear!
— Rachael T.
As a new mom, I was unsure of everything that I was doing to take care of the baby. I felt that your gentle affirmation and listening to your experience as a mom helped me to calm my nerves and refocus my energy and time on the things that really were more important.
— Rebecca D.

Why get support?

Pregnancy, childbirth, and the newborn stage are hugely emotional work. Of course, there are many professionals available to take care of your medical needs, but a doula is a source of continuity, comfort, and empowerment, as well as providing valuable evidence-based information as you move through the different stages of becoming a mother. 

As your doula, we can conduct virtual Prenatal Visits, doctor's appointment debriefings, and regularly scheduled emotional check-ins before and after you have your baby. Maybe you just need to talk it all through. It is my job and my joy to listen, to help you process your emotions, to manage information overload, and to help you find your footing in motherhood, wherever you are!


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